Succession Planning

Of all privately owned firms in the UK fewer than half have succession plans. Common reasons include resistance by the owners to relinquish control, fear of change and inability to identify & train effective successors.

Does anyone plan to fail?

Business owners are busy dealing with day- to- day issues and may fail to attach sufficient importance to succession. Transfer of ownership or shareholding can be highly complicated and so it’s vital to implement a properly formulated strategic plan

Planning & timing is key

Choosing the right successors at the right time to is the best way to ensure the future of your business. Communicating and implementing your strategy effectively will guarantee a positive effect on leadership, morale & profits.

Who can run your company?

Ascent can help you to develop an effective succession plan as part of your overall business development strategy and guide you through the process of exactly how, when and to whom succession should be offered.


Management Search

Great people create your success & we specialise in attracting, retaining and developing those high worth individuals within your management team


At Ascent our team members have professional expertise and hands on experience in construction, design and architecture giving us the edge when it comes to finding the right solution for your business


We are inquisitive, we listen and we work with you to understand your culture, challenges & goals. The briefing utilises our market intelligence and careful analysis, with an agreed programme, fee structure & search methodology


We identify the finest individuals for the role, who are not available in the open market. Shortlisting utilizes our research skills,  personal networks, professional referrals, recommendations & targeted approaches.


In depth interviews, by highly experienced recruiters, assess personality, skills, talent & competence to fulfil the role. Rigorous checks are made on career achievements, qualifications and competencies.


Honesty and integrity are vital to gain trust and build long term respectful relationships with clients and candidates. These values will be at the core of everything we do on your behalf


Transitional Management

Rapidly changing markets require flexible resourcing solutions. That means attracting people with the ability to create immediate impact.


We can have Interim Managers in place within days or weeks which is essential when time constraints are paramount. Their expertise enables them to be productive and make a significant impact from the outset


Interim Managers are particularly valued for offering skills and experience to overcome a particular gap or challenge and by organisations undergoing significant organisational change


A fresh perspective on what’s best for the business or project is invaluable. Being independent and task driven interims are able to recognise & address inefficiencies in the organisational structure


Operating at management level gives Interim Managers the authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within a company. They actively add value to the organisation through their expertise and approach.


Our Interim Managers maintain the highest professional standards. Their future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record and they are committed to delivering results.


Coaching and Mentoring

We believe that anyone who really wants to improve their performance can. Performance coaching works. We help you to identify your goals and achieve them.

Raising potential.

Most teams perform a long way below their potential and all businesses could perform better. Raising performance is the core strategic challenge for every business, an issue addressed by ascent performance coaching

Learning Consultancy.

We work with business leaders to understand the changes required in the organisation and then develop and deliver programmes to increase business effectiveness


For important meetings & events a facilitator can get the team focused on contributing to the content and thus set the environment to orchestrate the group to a successful outcome


HR Consultancy

We offer a full range of HR services and understand the culture aspirations & development needs of businesses in the construction industry

HR Audit

Prevent ion is better than cure! How healthy are your HR practices? By analysing your existing documentation and processes a detailed picture is formed encompassing the whole HR life-cycle from which results & recommendations are presented to you.

Retained support

We provide face-to-face and on-line support. Queries, advice, documentation, clarification and reassurance are all part of the service. Regular bulletins give you clear synopsis of the latest developments in employment law as well as useful information on trends and news items around the workplace.


Ability & personality testing offers a measured and structured way of assessing people. Accredited by Myers Briggs and the British Psychological Society our procedures are useful in recruitment and for organisational development purposes with both individuals and team building exercises.


Management Jobs

Due to the often sensitive nature of the business we conduct, we are only able to advertise a limited selection of requirements on this site.

If you are an Executive or Director in Construction, Property Development or Design & Architecture and are interested in progressing your career, please get in touch.

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